Built and designed in Australia, our Jet Boats are designed for maximum strength, speed and maneuverability. Our boats are purpose built and designed to operate throughout the waters of Sydney Harbour. Our boats are built to the highest standards and regulations.




Harbour Jet can hold up to 23 passengers at one time and is the LARGEST Jet boat on Sydney Harbour!

Powered by two 355hp Turbo Charged diesel engines, powering world famous Hamilton Jet propulsion units pumping out a more than 900 litres of water a second!! …… all encompassing 75km/h. Harbour Jet is fitted with a surround sound music system and features the driver riding up front with the passengers, in a high seat position, giving them a clear view of all passengers. This Jet boat is carefully designed for its 360-degree spins, power brake stops and fishtails.

We have 3 Jet boats available which means we can hold up to 67 passengers at the one time!